Most expensive Phone – iphone 4 “Diamond Rose”

iPhone is well know for it’s creativity especially when it comes to Apps, however iPhone found the way to top itself by getting Stuart Hughes to come up with most expensive iPhone design to date. The most expensive cell phone today iPhone 4 Diamond Rose  costs $8 million dollars topping it’s competitor Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme by $4.8 million.

Where does this price come from ?

Since pure gold is too soft to withstand daily use it is alloyed with mixtures of metals like silver, copper, palladium and zinc for strength and durability. 18k gold is composed of 75% gold and 25% other metals, which makes phone even more expensive and more durable. Majority of platinum pieces is 95% pure and combined with 5% other metals.

And of course most expensive phone must contain diamonds, right ? Well this one has approx 500 individual flawless diamonds which total over 100ct.

The rear section is formed using rose gold with added touch of rose gold Apple logo and 53 diamonds.The main navigation is made from platinum which hold single cut 7.4ct pink diamond which can be replaced with rare 8ct Flawless diamond. The chest which hold unique handset is made from single block of Granite , in Imperial Pink with the inner lined with Nubuck top grain leather, which weight is whopping 7kg. Not surprisingly only two of these masterpieces were made.


“You want how much for this?” – 5 ridiculously expensive things

How often do you buy something and after some time you think “what the hell I was thinkig ?”, well regret no more, in this article I will show how much money people are willing to spend for

#1  RF Wireless Laser Mouse

Price: $24,000

Why so expensive ?  Mouse is cast from 18 carat white gold and set with 59 brilliant diamonds.

#2 Keyboard

Price: $28,000

Why so expensive ? It’s a keyboard designed to do both audio and visual desktop media production.

#3 License Plate “1”

Price: $7 million

Why so expensive ? As the buyer said “because it’s the best number”.

#4 Tiffany “Lotus” Lamp 1906

Price: $2,8 million

Why so expensive ? Lamp is made of bronze with leaded stained glass set in a mosaic pattern. Overall value comes from art and age perspective.

#5 Aurora Diamante fountain pen

Price: $1,470,600

Why so expensive ?  The Aurora Diamante contains over 30 carats of De Beers diamonds on a solid platinum barrel. It has a two-tone, rhodium-treated, 18KT solid gold nib and is personalized with a coat of arms, signature or portrait.