The Most Expensive Dog Breed (available for public)

How much would you pay for your best friend ? As the saying goes “dog is best man’s friend” some friend are free, some cost unbelievable amount of money. Todays top price dog breed in US is German Shepherd, the price range for this powerful animal goes from $3,000 to $24,000. However in Europe this is one of most common breeds and price usualy never goes over $300. To date most expensive German Shepherd was sold for whopping $240,000.


Is it worth it? Yes, doesn’t matter if you’re buying this dog for shows or just for family, it’s highly trainable breed and great for protecting home. If you think that size matters, you will get your money worth, German Shepherds grop up very big and very strong (ofcourse there are much bigger and stronger breeds).

Fun fact: the most expensive dog ever sold is Tibetan mastiff, sold for over 1.5 million US dollars.

Contribution appreciated: add your suggestions for high priced dog breeds or alternative for this one.